Raw Hair


Raw hairĀ is 100% unprocessedĀ hairĀ collected from one donor

  • Cleopatra Quick Weave Wig

    Cleopatra quick weave wig

    Regular priceĀ $110.00

    A quick weave wig is a type of wig that is made by gluing hair extensions onto a protective cap or wig cap. It is a popular and convenient method for creating a temporary hairstyle or changing one's look without the commitment of sewn-in or braided extensions.

  • Fit-ish Trainer Package

    Fit - ish Waist Trainer & Body Shaper, Apple Cider Gummies, Fat Burner & 75-Day Challenge workbook. Waist trainers are a popular tool for waistline reduction and sculpting. They provide compression and support to your midsection, helping to create a slimmer appearance and enhance your curves. Our trainers will guide you on how to properly use waist trainers, offer tips for maximizing their effectiveness, and provide recommendations based on your specific needs and body shape.

  • Manifest That Shit Sis! Journal

    A journal is a personal-written record or diary where one can document their thoughts, experiences, and reflections. It serves as a tool for self-expression, self-reflection, and personal growth. Journals can be used for various purposes, such as keeping track of daily activities, setting goals, expressing emotions, or exploring creative ideas.