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Design instructions:

  • Composite material description:8 fibre bones,1 fibre bones,1 handle,8 pieces of high-density cloth,magic bandage,umbrella cover sewing from the umbrella surface.
  • Printing technology:one-sided printing
  • Product parameters:Manual(manual)/automatic(automatic)
  • After folding,the total length is 26 cm,the opening diameter is 95 cm,the bandage length is 21 CMX and the width is 2 cm,the umbrella sleeve length is 22 CMX and the width is 4 CMX and the height is 4 cm.
  • Material Description:High Density Collision Cloth,Fiber Bone Windbreak

Explanation of advantages:

  • Umbrella skeleton:Umbrella skeleton uses structural mechanics,using 8 structural steel and carbon fiber composite structure composed of umbrella skeleton stable framework,flexible and firm,stable wind resistance,umbrella fracture superimposed with high elastic spring,effectively improve the opening and closing efficiency of umbrella surface.
  • Umbrella Surface:When the umbrella is opened,the rain falls naturally.When it is used up,the water droplets leave the umbrella surface immediately.It has strong water resistance,obvious drying effect,and prolongs the service life of the umbrella.Nanotechnology is used to process the umbrella surface to prevent lotus leaf from water resistance,thus forming a water-resistant cloth art,effectively preventing the rain from infiltrating into the umbrella surface.
  • Grinding handle:Umbrella handle is wide and comfortable,easy to hold,grinding texture,effectively prevent hand slip.
  • Scene application:It's lightweight,compact and can be bright in front of you.Waterproof fabrics provide excellent protection and can be easily rotated and dried.

Design Size

  • 7087×7087px